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Master data and integration with SAP Climate 21 (Product Carbon Footprint Analytics)

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We are considering the implementation of SAP Climate 21 in our company but we have some concerns:

  1. The effort to maintain the emissions master data? The source data for all the steps of the value chain (purchasing, energy consumption, process-related direct emissions, transportation and distribution) come from SAP, but were are they maintained it?
  • How does the system knows the emissions values for one purchase and for another?
  • How does the system knows and calculates that one transport is 100 km and another 200km?

· 2. f we buy 10L of OIL, for example, how can we allocate a part for heating and another for production for example?

· 3. The configuration data needs to be the same between the different plants? Can we just compare the same data that 2 plants are using?

4. When do you plan to have also water consumption in the scope of the solution?

Thanks in advance

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hi Ana,

thanks for reaching out. Please note that SAP Product Carbon Footprint Analytics was only an analytical sidecar (SAC content) out of the Climate 21 initiative, we recommend you having a look on our new solution SAP Product Footprint Management which will enable you calculating product footprints at scale.

Please find here the answers to your question, related to SAP Product Footprint Management:

1. Emission factors can be imported from own LCA or content providers, pls. see also this blog post for details. The system is mapping the factors to the business data via mapping rules. Please note the initial release covers purchased products/ materials, transport is planned to be included in the solution mid of next year.

2. The production phase is planned to be included beginning of next year, as per the product costing BOM the material will be assigned to the activity.

3. The calculation scope (plants, products, period) can be defined within the application. So you can add both plants to your scope to being able to compare.

4. We don't have a concrete timeline for including the water footprint yet. This won't happen before 22-Q4/2023.

I hope this helps!

Best, Nico