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Mass update of Technical ref ID in inactive subscription contracts

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Hi Team,

We have requirement to update tech ref id in subscription contracts which are in inactive status. This is one time activity for old legacy contracts. We will have contracts numbers.

My approach is to use BTMF process " INACTIVE_CHANGE_OBJL" BTMF process class "CL_CRMS4_BTMF_INAC_EQUI_MAINT" to be called from ABAP program and update the equipment Id.

Is there any other better solution for this ?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Indraneel,

We wouldn’t recommend using the BTMF process classes directly.

Please use the API SubscriptionContractChangeProcessRequest_In to trigger Change Processes on the Subscription Contract irrespective of whether active or inactive.

For more details please see


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