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Load BPC Rates Data from BW Staging DSO to BPC Model

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Hi Experts,
I am having a situjation while loading the BPC Rates Transaction data from BW Staging DSO to BPC Rates Model.
I am having the different Date formats for DSO and the Model as shown in the below example, I am trying to use the filter in BPC in the import Transaction data from BW Infoprovider Data Manager package, but it is not meeting my requirement for the date value.
My source DSO contains data with the following date format YYYY.MM.DD (and having few rate values for each month). I need to pick up and load only the latest rates value of the month into BPC Rates Model in the following format YYYY.MM (for example if i have Rate values in DSO as 2020.12.01... .. 2020.12.25, then I go to pickup the latest rate value of the month of DSO i.e. 2020.12.25 and load to BPC Model as 2020.12)

Can any one help me how to do this please!

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