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Language Inconsistencies around Text Fields after Applying Business Rule in GRC PC

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Hi All,

I am facing some issues for some Text Fields while running an Ad-hoc Query for one of my Business Rules in GRC PC. I have used T163A as the main table and joined with tables T163Y and T163I to fetch the text Descriptions of Item Category and Account Assignment Category. The exceptions are showing up in the output as expected other than the text fields.

The Text fields PTEXT (Text for Item Category) and KNTTX (Account Assignment Category Description) are appearing in a language other than English. I tried multiple ways and one of them being by putting a filter on the field SPRAS (Language Key) for both the tables T163Y and T163I. I entered the values EN, English and E to fetch the Text Fields in English language but I end up getting a message "No Data Found" and so I am forced to remove the filter within the Business Rule.

Some additional screenshots are as follows:

Tables and Joins within Data Source:

Has anyone faced such issues on your projects? The preferred language for this particular requirement of mine is to have the text descriptions in English language. Your help and guidance will be appreciated.



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