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KPI -How does the periodicity works in SM

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Periodicity is @ Context level only? That means we have to define different contexts for weekly &monthly? That doesnu2019t fly good

How does the periodicity works in entry as well as frontend display?

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Hi TR,

When looking at a scorecard, you should see the status for all objectives and KPIs during the same time period. If you look at Revenue KPIs for just one week and Cost KPIs for the whole month, how can you assess how you performed in that month?

This doesn't mean that the metrics in PAS cannot have different periodicities. They can! But when looking at data in the scorecard these periodicities will be converted to the scorecard periodicity. For example if you have monthly metrics and you are looking at scorecard data quarterly, the scorecard will show you the value for the 3 months of that quarter. Here, you should take care to define the proper time consolidation properties for the metric (it can be SUM, like in costs or revenue, AVERAGE, LAST, FIRST...).

Likewise, if you have quarterly metrics and you want to see scorecard data monthly, then PAS does a breakdown of the value per months.

Anyway, if you are looking to setup a weekly scorecard, that will likely include a different set of metrics that a monthly scorecard would. Weekly scorecards will problably include more operational metrics and will lack the strategic focus of scorecards with a broader time scope.