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KKS1 Run Failed due to Missing Cost Estimation (Did not run CK40N)

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Hi All, I am having an issue now where

  • Costing run for Sep 2021 was not executed on 01.09.2021
  • Since no estimated cost found in Period 9 hence KKS1 run failed
  • KKS1 run failed , no standard quantity and value updated to the COSP table
  • My customized report extracts values from COSP table where Value Type(WRTTP = "5") and it is now showing 0.00 for standard quantity and standard value Period 9 (WOG09 and MEG09)
  • And estimate costing should be a go-forward basis so the system won't allow backdating via CK40N.

What do I do to rectify this issue so that values update to COSP table as Value Type = Target in October for Sep 2021 figures ?

If there any other standard report that can be used to work out standard quantity and value ?

My current system configuration

  • Target Cost Version = 0
  • Control Costs = Actual Costs
  • Target Costs = Current standard cost estimate


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