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ISU Billing Portion change error within the back billing period

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ISU Billing cannot be performed due to the error:

'Portion has been changed within the back billing period. Billing was terminated for the installation xxxxxx'

However, it seems that portion has not been changed within the MRU and it cannot be verified from any historical table reference. Same MRU is showing since move in billing period. For last 5-6 months billing has been done but the status within the Meter reading still showing as 1 (Billable) in stead of 7 (Billed), is there connection with this? Floating back billing with period 12 has been selected for Rate category profile, is there any impact for this? How to check the back billing period, it seems that back billing rate steps are not active and not executing for the time being as per the rate determination. There might be some issue with schedule record as well.

Please guide us towards the correct solution.

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