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Issue with PaPM Function IDs

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Hi Experts,

Has anyone noticed that some function shows DB errors though the setup is correct. This results in creation of same functions with different id's. Please advise how to handle this scenario to avoid function setup duplication.

We are using PaPM 3.0 SP13.


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it would be much appreciated if you can give us a concrete scenario and error you are getting to we can guide you.

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Hi Justine,

Here is the Scenario with detail analysis

Check 1: Build View and Conversion functions to generate Group currency values

View function (VI100) - Contains Source Key figures in Local Currency (LC)

Conversion function (CU100) - Calculates Group Currency Key figures based on Local currency Key figures using ERP exchange rates

Result: Able to Activate and Run Conversion function successfully

Check 2: Performed Activation of Conversion function along with other functions as part of Environment Activation

Result: DB error occurred as shown below. Unable to evaluate the DB error as Stored procedure cannot be seen when it is inactive in DB

Check 3: Created New View function (VI101) as input for Conversion function (CU100)

Result: Same DB error as shown above

Check 4: Used View functions (VI100 & VI101) as input for new Conversion function (CU101). Here new Conversion Function CU101 is plain copy of old conversion function CU100 .

Result: Same DB error as shown above

Check 5: Created New View function (VI102) and new conversion function (CU102). These are created manually which are same as initial functions (VI100 & CU100).

Result: Able to activate both functions and run successfully.

Existing Function id's are not working (corrupted?) when these type of issue arises. I have experienced the same issue for RFA type function as well. Hope I have provided required information. Please do the needful.


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Please refer the DB error screenshot from below path as I am facing issue to add here. Sorry for the inconvenience.