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Is it possible to create a selection file from an excel

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I am loading data from a standard BW cube, and I have a requirement to restrict the load to BPC on several cost centers. I am using the DM package with UI to do the selections. But its huge list where I can't use ranges either. I am looking at the following possibilities.

1. if its possible to convert the list of cost centers into the selection file format used by BPC     OR

2. is it possible to mention the list of cost centers to exclude from selection any where. Transformation or Conversion file.

Thanks for any kind of help.



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Hi Ravi,

There are multiple ways of providing the selections.

1. Use the SELECTION statement in the transformation file

2. Provide the selections if you are using the UI process chain.

3. Use the *SKIP in the conversion file.

4. Use start routine in the transformation file.

4. Load all the data, and then use use end routine to reject the unwanted records.

You can use any of them in any combination. You need to identify the best match for your requirement.