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Insert negative figure in a model table

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Hi experts,

we create a model table with two key figures: the first one1 is created in the environment fields, the second one is from HANA fields.

If I try to insert a negative figure in Maintain data I receive an error message "select a valid sign" only in the Hana field.

The Environment field accepts negative figures, not the Hana field: could you explain to me why this behavior?

Thank You.


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The reason it is possible to maintain a negative value in an environment field, is because when a field is created it, also creates a data element and a domain. The domain then gives the field the capability for a negative value to be maintained, as the sign checkbox is ticked in the output characteristics section.

As I am no HANA expert, I am not sure if HANA fields also has the same attributes or properties, where you can configure a field to allow negative values.

What I would suggest is that you either use an environment field or use a DDIC field if you want to maintain negative values in your model table.