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Incorrect currency value in US export documents

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Hello Team,

we have an issue in the SAP standard form /SAPSLL/PF_US_7525V of US export Ship in GTS system as the units and values are not as expected. As you can see from the following screenshot we have an item with a quantity of 20 pieces and a price of 2.821 USD, but on the form it is printed as 20 ST and with a value of 3.571 CAD:

We already updated the form /SAPSLL/PF_US_7525V to the latest version we could find (SAP Notes 2161345 /"Corrections for forms with interface /SAPSLL/PF_US_7525V" and 3078545/"US export: Correct goods value is not printed when US forms are printed"), but this did not help to actually resolve the issue. I guess there is some kind of customizing setting for this, but we did not find the same so far. Maybe you can give me a hint on how to change this system behavior and to get the right values printed on the form?

Thank you very much,

Sebastian Thomas

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