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In a Recurring Rate of a charge, what is the "Triggered by propagated recurring events" option

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Dear SAP CC experts,

In a Recurring Rate on a charge, in the General tab there is a checkbox called "Triggered by propagated recurring events" as below:

Actually, I have never used that and I have no idea what is the scope of this option, how to activate it and how can we use it. I searched in SAP CC documentation but could not find anything specifically explaining its scope and use. (Maybe my search was not optimal).

Can someone kindly explain what is this used for, and how to activate it? Can this option be used to trigger a charge for a period that is already activated? If not what is the best option in CC to use when you have a scenario in which you need to trigger a monthly recurring charge for a period that CC already Activated a contract?

Thank you,


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Hi Doris,

If you will use dependent charge recurring rate then in that dependent recurring rate you will see this ticked. It means your dependent charge recurring rate will get triggered by the triggering of master charge recurring rate of the same chargeplan.

Tanmay Shahasane