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HR Triggers | Assignment of roles to access request based on Job ID in HR Master Data

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Hello Experts ,

We want to implement HR Trigger solution in GRC Access Control connected to HR system (S4HANA) with the objective of populating the access request with specific roles based on Job ID in HR Master Data.

We will define specific set of roles for each Job ID.

Ex : GL Accountant Job -> Composite Role 1

GL Manager Job -> Composite Role 2

i.e If a user is tagged to GL Accountant job ID in HR , it should trigger a new access request and submit the request with Composite Role 1.

I understand that this functionality is possible for SFEC connector where HR system is SuccessFactors and this can be implemented using BRF+ & "Rule to role mapping" in NWBC.

Can the "Rule to Role mapping" be used for standard SAP connector / HR Trigger connector as well ? If not, can we achieve this requirement by defining the Job ID to roles mapping in BRF+ or defining custom table and using/calling this in BRF+.

If any one has implemented this solution, kindly comment and guide.


Pavan Muthyala

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