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How to use drop down in BPC EPM reports

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I'm new to SAP BPC EPM reports. My client has a requirement, where he want to create a new report and in that he wants to implement drop down on NAME(which is user), and based on the user selected from drop down, we should see data for the department related to that particular selected user only.

For example consider below data from screenshot.

If i select NAME = USER1, then i should see data of Operations only (operation is department).

and if i select different USER2, then i should see data related to the department of USER2.

So, i need help in implementing this drop down on field 'NAME' and based on the selection, i should get it's related department data.

I appreciate your patience for reading this.

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Sorry, but if you want an answer, then please provide details:

BPC version details, standard?

How the "user" is related to some dimension property?

Do you know VBA?

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Hi Vadim, thanks for replying

Users are not related to any dimensions, these are user's data.

BPC version 10.1

I don't have much knowledge on VBA.

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Do you have relation between USER and department in Security Data Access profile?

Data Access profile can't be directly used in report, indirectly current user will only see data allowed by Data Access profile.

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okay, let me check few details and get back again then

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Sorry for the delay, please help me in getting the below requirement.

Earlier we did not have any relation between 'User ID' and 'Account' dimension, now I have maintained a new property in ACCOUNT dimension as 'User ID' and I have manually entered few users in that.

Now the requirement is, I need to build a new EPM report, where we need to have drop down option for User ID, In that drop down I need to have list of users which are maintained in ACCOUNT dimension(in User ID property), and when I select a specific user, in report I need to see only the data that is assigned on that User ID.

For Eg: from the below screen shot,

If I select User 1, then I should see data of accounts 606200, 606210, 606220, 606230 in the report

If I select User 2, then I should see data of accounts 606210, 606220, 606240 in report.

I hope this is clear

Account Dimension

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