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how to set up system connection for 2 different quality systems

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Hi everybody,

we have on ERP side one development system, two quality systems and one productive system. Now we wonder how to best connect the two quality systems to GTS. Should we set up two separate GTQ systems or connect the two ERP systems to the same GTQ?

What consequences would we have to expect after e.g. a system copy?

Has anybody already dealt with this situation?



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Answers (2)

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Hello Carsten,

I am old school. So, I hope you have GTS Quality and Development system(s). I would treat GTS like an ERP system when it come to the landscape. You can connect a GTS Quality to two ERP Quality systems.

If you are using Logical System Groups and the two Quality Systems are in the same Logical System Group, just remember, the last replication becomes lead when it come to master data.

So, if Customer A on ERPQ1, is JOHN DOE and same Customer is changed on ERPQ2 to John Doe, then in GTSQ, the BP will be John Doe. Same goes with Material Masters. If a Material has 5 Alternate UOMS in MARM in ERPQ1 and in ERPQ2 is has 2 MARM entries, the last one into GTSQ is what you see in GTSQ.

Regards, Dean.

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