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How to set default pricebook in SAP CPQ?

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I want to understand how to set default PriceBook or How Default PriceBook selection works in SAP CPQ ?

On SAP CPQ User Page "Default System Market" and "Default PriceBook" has been selected under "User Detail" section.

Now in "setup-->Pricing-->Market" "USA" market is selected as a default market. there are 3 price books define for "USA" market e.g. "USA PriceBook1", "USA PriceBook2" and "USA PriceBook3" and all are level 1 and there is no child PriceBook.

I understand that System will select "USA" market as default but My question is which PriceBook system select as a default PriceBook as define on "User Detail" section on User Page for "USA" market?

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Hello Ashish,

Sorry, I'm not answering your question here, but instead, providing an alternative method. Please see my answer to Kwanda's currency conversion question here.

By avoiding the pricebooks, we have much greater control of our pricing dynamics.

Just something to consider. When you DO solve your question, I hope you'll post it on here for the rest of us to learn from. Thanks!

- Sergey