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How to get automatic message output in RECN -Create Contract

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Dear Friends,

Using T.code RECN - a contract is created. After it is created, message should go to manager to approve.

Please let me know, the simplest method to do it?

All the help will be greatly appreciated.



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Answers (2)

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Hello sridhar.muthekepalli3,

Please refer below SAP thread. Hope it's clarifies your query.


Neeraj Jain

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Hi Sridhar,

The way to get messages sent is to use workflow. What do you refer to with the "approval", is that the activation of the contract? When using workflow you'll need to have a way to identify who the manager is that receives the workflow. Is there just one manager or are there multiple? What will be used to identify the manager (e.g. cost centre, BP, etc.).

What is the volume of contracts involved. I've had discussions with customer where it turned out they only had a few contracts per week. Using a standard report to list contracts with a user status e.g. "Pending approval" can be a simple way for a manager to get a list of contracts that must be approved.

Having said that in some cases the approval always required a conversation between the manager and the lease administrator to run through the contract details, so a workflow didn't add much value.

It heavily depends on the business requirements, but if an email trigger is absolutely required workflow would be the way to go.