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How to Download unbilled Line items of Service Documents (SD Number)

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My company offering AMC Services quarterly. For each SD numbers contains 4 Line Items of billing.

Example: Lets assume today date is 10.07.2023

Q1 - 01.04.2023 - Billed

Q2 - 01.07.2023 - Billed

Q3 - 01.09.2023 - Unbilled

Q4 - 01.01.2024 - Unbilled

as per above data, two upcoming bills are there in the FY.

I want to download a Report of upcoming / Future Billing. Can anybody help me in this regard.

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If you have Billing Plan in sale order, then, you can table join FPLA & FPLT where you pass the sale order number against VBELN in FPLA to get values of FAREG and FKSAF which are the Billing Plan line item and Billing status respectively