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How to consider multiple months in logic script

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i have requirement to transfer data from two source accounts to one target account. this transfer has to be done based on multiple months from time dimension. i am able to transfer from one month(AM*, not from PM*) to target. how to select multiple months at time and transfer data from one account to another account. Please guide me how to achieve this requirement using logic script. i collected AM1 and PM1 into variable but it is not working for PM1.

Ex. Account 1 (Target) = Src Acc 1 (Based on AM1) + Src Acc 1 (Based on AM2) + Src Acc 1 (Based on AM3)

+ Tgt Acc 1 (Based on AM1) + Tgt Acc 1 (Based on AM2) + Tgt Acc 1 (Based on AM3)

Account 1 (Target) = Src Acc 1 (Based on PM1) + Src Acc 1 (Based on PM2) + Src Acc 1 (Based on PM3)

+ Tgt Acc 1 (Based on PM1) + Tgt Acc 1 (Based on PM2) + Tgt Acc 1 (Based on PM3)


Here AM1,AM2 and AM3 are members of the month property in the time dimension.

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Sorry, but absolutely not clear!

Post Excel screenshot what - to be saved!

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