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How to change SSM Port

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Hey Guys,

Another question for the million,

Is there a way to change the port that SSM uses?

I mean, SSM uses the http://<localhost>:50000/strategy/

Is there a way to change that 50000 to another port?, for example 50001 or 50002? Thatu2019s because in the firm we are implementing the SSM, are already using this port.

Cherrs dude,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Fred,

that's not an SSM configuration but a NetWeaver CE configuration. The port 50000 is the default J2EE Engine HTTP port defined during the installation of NetWeaver:


I never change that, but I believe the steps to do that are explained in the following link:


Let me know if it works, never know if I also need to do that in the future



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