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How to call badis in BPC

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Hi All,

I am new to Badi's.

How to call a Badi in SAP BPC?

In which case we call BADI in Transformation File and ScriptLogic. What is the Difference between these two.

Please could you explain Briefly

Please help me.



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Answers (4)

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Hi Sai,

There is lot of different BADI types in BPC. You can see all of them you you go to transaction SE20, type in *UJ* and click drop down.

There is a;so a very good white paper published on SDN by Cloudy Zheng that has a brief description of each BPC BADI type.


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Hi Sai,

BAdi's are not a big deal. There are 3 types of Enhancements which we use most in BPC those are Pre process BAdi(Write Back BAdi), Custom logic BAdi, and Routines. Here I explain all 3 below.

Pre process BAdi: This will run automatically when you send the data from input form but you can create only one pre process BAdi for one model. You can use this whenever you have to do changes with user input data before it saves it into CUBE. For example: Parent level distribution because user can plan at parent level but CUBE could not save parent members so we need to convert that into child member before it reaches CUBE.

Custom Logic: You have to create a filter name for each custom logic BAdi. you can call this BAdi using that filter name from anywhere and use this for any models. You can call through script logic by using STAT_BADI code in .LGF file. If you want to run by default for any model you have to include you script file in DEFAULT.LGF file.

Routines: We can use this at Transformation file. We have 2 different types in this(End routine and Start routine) but not a major different. For example: In Start routine you will get field names which defined in Flat file but in End routine you will get which defined in your database.

Hope it is helpful. You will get many documents for each BAdi but you have to decide which will suits you better because it depends on your requirement.



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Hi Sai,

You can call BADI through Data Manager package which in turns triggers the BADI through script logic.

You can also call BADI through transformation file during data upload, it is possible to run a start or end routine that refers to the filter value of a BAdI.

Hope this helps.



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Hi Sai,

To call BADI in BPC,

1.       Create process chain in BI.

2.       Create Script Logic in BPC.

3.       Create Data manager package , here call Process chain and in Script call Script logic file (.LGF)

4.       Run the Badi using Data manager package

Diff between Calling BADI in Transformation and Script logic.

While loading any data like flat file OR BI data use Transformation file.

If you want to run just BADI no other activity should be done , then use Script loagic.

Hope this will help you.