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How to Add additional Approvals (3rd and 4th level) for BPC BPF workflow process.

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Hello BPC experts,.

We have a requirement to add 2 additional level of approval, Regional Finance head and Global Finance Head in SAP BPF Workflow functionality.

In the Method IF_RSBPCB_SETUSER_LOGIC~EXECUTE_SETUSER_LOGIC, the export parameter is referring to the structure of type WS_TYPE globally as below. Adding Regional Finance head and Global Finance Head fields in the structure WS_TYPE will lead to internal table mismatch.

TYPES: BEGIN OF ws_type, mem_id TYPE rschavl, iobj_id TYPE rsiobjnm, owner_user_id TYPE rsstring, owner_team_id TYPE rsstring, manager_user_id TYPE rsstring, manager_team_id TYPE rsstring, END OF ws_type.

Need suggestion on this requirement and which structure or table needs to be enhanced.

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