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How is it possible to integrate IoT sensor data in the Cloud for Real Estate?

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We are interested in integrating IoT sensor data to the SAP Cloud for Real Estate, to connect the data with workspaces so that we are able to measure utilization, volume and air conditions in the office.

Referring to this page it should be possible and it’s offered with the “Workspace Utilization”-app on the SAP Cloud Platform:

How it is possible to integrate sensor platforms to the C4RE or “Workspace Utilization”, so that I can choose sensors in the “Workspace Utilization”-app? Is it possible to connect the app with SAP IoT?


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Because it looks like the link isn't active anymore and I've still got the described question, here is another link referring to my question.

Unfortunately I still don't see clear infos, about how to integrate sensor platforms or which are supported sensor platforms.

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Hi Torben,

thanks for the quick call we just had.

As discussed the SAP Help Portal should answer most of your questions.
For further reference please check the SAP API Hub and the announcement of the partnership with Comfy-Siemens. The Comfy App supports the use case "Workplace Booking – Enabling the REstart": Use master data in SAP Cloud for Real Estate about building and space to enable employees book themselves into buildings, floors, and desks with Comfy.




Hi Torben, SAP IoT can integrate with any application. It can for example replicate master data from an application into its digital twin so during ingestion rules can access this to make a decision and do not have to call into a backend to do so. Or it can be used to based on a measurement exceeding a threshold to call a backend api (we call this an action triggered by a rule).

For a particular integration for SAP Cloud for Real Estate I pinged some colleagues to look at this question and provide an answer here. Regards, Marcus