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How Can SAP RE Revolutionize Real Estate Portfolio Management?

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I've recently come across the partnership between Rizing and SAP Real Estate Management (RE), which claims to offer end-to-end solutions for managing real estate portfolios more intelligently and efficiently.

I'm curious to learn more about how SAP RE can revolutionize real estate management. What are the key features and advantages it brings to the table, especially in terms of project budget management, cost reduction through automation, operation cost allocation, and enhancing the transparency of the asset lifecycle?

Share your insights and experiences with SAP RE and Rizing, and let's discuss how it can benefit real estate professionals.

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Hi Sofia,

Rizing is a valued partner and has been supporting our customers for years.

We trust in Rizing to also support the customers of the SAP Endorsed App Planon Real Estate Management for SAP S/4HANA going forward.

Planon also supports the real estate specific asset lifecycle.

I hope these short answers helps you already.

Feel free to reach out to me or detail your questions further as suggested by the admin,