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Hierarchies not seen in BPC Admin

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Hi experts,

Iu2019m creating a new dimension with 9 hierarchies , I did maintenance to aggregate some new members, but now I canu2019t see the hierarchies.

Nevertheless, in BPC excel is possible to see and select the hierarchies and members .

I did a refresh to the dimension, in order to delete the dimension files from the server cache and take the values from BW, that didnu2019t work. By the way, in BW exists the 9 hierarchies.

Iu2019m working with BPC 7.5 and Office 2007.

How can I update the dimension view in BPC Admin?

Thanks for your help,

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Answers (2)

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We had an issue with our hierarchies also but in regard to BPC not validating parents members i.e. CALC for parent level members would show N

We solved this by removing all the hierarchies members from the dimension and processing and then adding back hiearchies one by one (Processing after each hierarchie) it was tedious but it seemed to work

Dont know if it will help you but its worth a shot

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Try to process the dimension in admin client and see if it works,..