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Handling Inventory Adjustments with Posting Dates in a Previous Fiscal Year

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I need to book an inventory accrual adjustment for audit consideration pertains to transactions that should have been posted in a previous fiscal year, the process becomes more complex due to the closed status of that fiscal year in the system. Currently April and March 2024 posting periods are opened but what I need to do is to have that entry in December 2023. Is there a way to do that?


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Answers (2)

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Need to record a December 2023 inventory adjustment, but stuck with open April & March periods?
Most accounting software allows prior period adjustments. Check your software for options like "prior period adjustment" or "historical transaction." If stuck, consult your manual or support team. Remember, this impacts financials, so have proper documentation for the audit. Contact our team

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Hello @will7321 you can open special posting period like 13 & make neccesary adjustments, while posting give posting date as 31.12.20XX & period 13.



Sumesh Gupta