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Handing of Source Transaction ID of CC Dependent Charges

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Hi CC Expert,

Good day! We are currently using dependent charges in our charge plan and it was linked to a master charge.

In rating, it will be 1 consumption item > 2 billable item (1 master charge and 1 dependent charge). The BITs have the same source transaction Ids. Is it possible to handle the source transaction id of dependent charge and make it different?

I have tried to populate the output item SRCTAID of dependent charge to put and test some fix values but what I like is to only put some prefix to the original source transaction id so the change is dynamic.


Original Source transaction id = 12345678

Plan: ABC-12345678

Is it possible?



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We just had a similar problem which was resolved by changing the Sub process in CI so if you set a different subprocess for mast charge and dependent charge you will be have bifurcation.

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Hi Stephen and Doris,

We've discussed this internally: the field is called "Charged item set identifier" and is available only in the output mapping and the response mapping. You can therefore not access it within your pricing logic, nor compute values based on it.
Based on this, our recommendation is rather to use two separate fields in your charged item: one with SRCTAID alone, and a second one with the flag to distinguish the item generated by the master charge (this flag is available only in the "Output item" mapping, under the name "Produced by a master charge component").

Then, in Convergent Invoicing, you'll have to read these two fields together and react upon their values.

Best regards.

SAP Convergent Charging Support

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Hi Stephen,

Actually, I personally have several implementations with a dependent charge where the SCRTID is the same as the main item produced from the main charge and did not have the request to have different source transactions IDs.

It's really a good question and I would be more than interesting to learn if someone has a solution for this request.

Thus I am following.