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GTS process to manage USMCA accumulation provision

Hi GTS Gurus

Looking for a solution either thru standard functionality or thru enhancement to manage FTA - USMCA accumulation provision.

Accumulation provision is allowed by USMCA where even though a component is not qualified, one of its raw materials may have a qualified component of its own with a qualified value, known as "accumulation value" that can be used in preference calculation of the ultimate material.

Take the example of a BOM material ABC with raw material components A, B & C See Attached "PIC 1"


Considering Component B has a qualifying component value of 40% and RVC(Method) rule: "Qualifies if Qualifying Components =/>51%", we will get two different results if we incorporate the accumulation value for component B in the preference determination calculation. Please check "PIC 2"


The question is if GTS has a standard way to capture the accumulation value (in above example B) provided by the vendor and utilize the same in Preference Determination. Or is there a preferred development design?

Thanks for your help.

Arvind Shukla

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Hello community,

We're looking to tackle down the same situation. USMCA accumulation instance provides a lot of benefits for product qualification specifically for automotive sector.

Does anyone know if this is part of the standard capabilities in SAP GTS? If not, have you found any solution?

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