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GTS -compliance - New word in SPL exclusion list

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Hi Team,

There is a requirement to add a new SPL Excluded Text " CNC" . in the comparison term of general settings of the master data.

Could you please let me the for this what are the steps i need to follow and how to do the regression test for this .



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Santosh,

First add the exclusion term in following menu path:

SAP GTS Menu (T-code - /N/SAPSLL/MENU_LEGAL) -> Master Data (tab) -> Control Settings for Comparison Terms -> General Settings

Select your comparison procedure and go to folder Excluded Text. Maintain Excluded text using new entries option.

Once this is done, regenerate comparison terms for SPL and Business Partner.

For testing purpose, you can test following scenario:

1. Create a BP having term CNC

2. Generate comparison term for this BP and check if it is excluded from the search terms created for this BP

3. Create a SPL with term CNC

4. Generate comparison term or review comparison term generated for this SPL record. Term CNC should not be there.

Similarly you can review all the search terms for SPL in table /SAPSLL/TSPLNK & /SAPSLL/TSPLAK and for BPs in table /SAPSLL/ADRCMP to check if this term doesn't exist anymore.


Kul Vaibhav

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