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GR/IR balance not cleared in case of credit memo

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Dear Gurus,

Please help me with following case

for eg;

PO no. 4000017243 having qty 1000 KM

we received 907.2 KM and done MIGO of the same

Total GR done = 907.2 KM

But while passing the invoice we placed a return order for 676.2 KM and passed the invoice for 907.2 KM

Total IR done = 231 KM

Now balance amount is appearing in GR/IR clearing (MB5S) is -676.20 KM against which IR is pending as per the report

But actually, the credit memo is issued for same qty in the Purchase return order with reference to the original 1000KM PO.

How to clear the balance entry from GR/IR (MB5s)

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Answers (1)

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Looks like few steps missing.....

#1...PO no. 4000017243 with qty 1000 KM,GR received - 907.2 KM and IR done 907.2 KM

#2. Return PO qty 676.2 KM,GR for return PO-676.2 KM and Credit memo for 676.2 KM not credit memo for1000.00 KM with original PO no. 4000017243