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Geo-attributes Latitude and Longitude for real estate objects


Hello guys,

is there a possibility how to easily get geo-attributes lattitude and longtitude for real estate objects especially business entities (REBDBE). When doing some research I found two options which handle geo data.

The first one is table GEOLOC which fills geodata to adresses. But it looks like that these data is not very precise because it works with SAP standard geo program SAP0 which only inputs country and region and it only works with business partners?

The second way is using google api, but it looks like that is not for free because when doing a request to google api, I always get message for API key which is necessary to do the request.

So what is the best way to do this? My main problem is how to get the geo data coordinates in a very precise way (street and house no) from the inputed adress.


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Not 100% sure, but I think that your search engine will a better place to look for this. There is a help with a SAP Geolocations Overview though, not sure if that might be relevant for you?

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Hi Michael,

I've seen solutions for this that involve two pieces: 1. Software to integrate SAP with a GIS, and 2. Use of the SAP GEF (Geo Enablement Framework). With (1) you can use GIS to locate addresses to latitude/longitude coordinates and then send that information to SAP. There are a number of tools for doing this -- you can check the SAP App store for SAP-GIS integration. If you have GEF (#2) and you add support for REFX objects, then you can visualize GEF objects on a map directly in SAP.

If you don't have GEF available, you could still use a GIS to do the geolocating and sync that with SAP using an integration tool.

Cheers, Joel