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Fund Management update for GI

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Hi expert,

Currently I'm facing issue that when I perform Good issue to cost center system post fund management document.

So currently system link like below

(BS)10001 Stock Account (A) link to 5000 Commitment Item

(PL) 50001 Stock Consumption Account (A) link to 5000 Commitment item

We use the above link because during order material can be in cost center or stander, so system may use stock account or Consumption account based on item category inside PO

so system behavior will post fund management document for same commitment item in positive and negative, example issue 200 USD
Document posted

CI 5000 --> +200$

CI 5000--> -200$

Will be no impact in the budget, but issue if I don't have budget in new year, I can't post GI, system show budget exceed, so is there any solution to consider this document statistical document.

Or is there any option to customize it like GR, system will not post in FM document.

Thanks on advance for your support.

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Answers (1)

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I found the solution

Just for reference

I link movement type 201 in FMderive through derivation Role to statistical commitement item