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Fund Management Related Query

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Under Fund Management scenario -

After creation of PR :10 units @ Rs100 - Rs 1000 budget deducted

After PO : 10 units @ Rs 150 (includes Rs 50 for tax) - Rs 1500 i.e. 500 budget deducted in addition to above

At the time of GRN i.e. MIGO for 2 units : Budget adds upto Rs 1200 (for 8 units not received) i.e. overall budget deduction till GRN with 2 units = Rs 300

But the system should make the provision for the units for which PO has been raised but MIGO not yet passed. How to derive this scenario?

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Be aware, that MIGO has no effect on your available budget. If you have partial GR, you would have your commitment reduced and converted to actuals if your GRs are affecting FM (OF39 settings). It could be, that even this won't happen if you have setting in update profile, which updates FM only on invoice registry. But, in both cases, available budget is not impacted.