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We use FPCOPARA to print a welcome letter for people that choose to pay using instalments, however if they change their mind, they can request these to be removed, later during the course of the year they could request again to be sign into instalments, and we select the option again to included them and send the welcome letter saying how many payments will be split the amount. The problem is that because before the letter was print, the second time we do the process to setup these and use fpcopara , the FPCOPARA send the message: Entries 00000000 found Do you still want to save? The table FKKVKP on the field EZAWE has the value T to indicate that the payment is going to be on instalments, as well as the table EVERD field PYPLT with value PTAX.

Any idea how to do for FPCOPARA to find the value again and save the parameters and allow me to do the printing?.

Thank you

Michael P

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Thank you, you are right as well I found the transaction that trigger the container is CAA2 and in ther I was able to find the events to call the fill up of the letter. thanks again,


Miguel Padilla

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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As per my understanding our your welcome letter porcess, the correspondence container is only filled once the customer is set up initially. when the customer comes back the correspondence container is not triggered and that's why you are getting the message Entries 00000000 found Do you still want to save?

Two possible options-

(a) You can use the reprint option in FPCOPARA to print the letterin the current process.

(b) Trigger the correspondence container when the customer is coming back every time.

Hope it helps.



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