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FormulaH2 inAPP?

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Experts - two questions regarding FormulaH1.. FormulaHn:

1) Do the FormulaH1, of a multi-heirarchy dimension need to be marked "InApp"? in order to fully use the formulas in BPC input schedules and reports? I am using BPC 7.0 SP5.

2) What is the trick to making these properties InApp? Every time I try to make them InApp, I get an error "Error occurs during UpdateRemainData. Invalid column name 'formula3'.

I have done the following steps in ApShell, which already has a ParentH1 and ParentH2 but No Formula property exists in entity.

1. Full Process on Entity Dimension - Success

2. Process Finance Application - No boxes checked - Success

3. Process Finance Application - Both boxes checked - Success

4. Maintain Demension property - Add FormulaH1 and FormulaH2 (InApp NOT Checked). - Click "Modify..Properties"...Success

5. Maintain Dimension Members - Verified FormulaH1 and FormulaH2 are there.

6. Full Process Entity Dimension (From Membersheet) - Success

7. Maintain Demension property - Check the "InApp" box next to FormulaH1 and FormulaH2 - "Modify..Properties"...Success.

8. Maintain Dimension Members, Process Dimension...Click Full Process - ERROR:

9. ERROR: Error occurs during UpdateRemainData. Invalid column name 'formula3'

10. Go to Maintain Dimension property, UNCHECK "inApp" for FormulaH1 and FormulaH2.

11. Maintain Dimension Members, Process Dimension...Click Full Process. - Success.

12. Process Application (Finance) Both boxes checked.

Best regards,


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Answers (2)

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Hello Greg,

Here two things. In BPC world Formula and ParentHn, where is integer.

Formula can only be set up as a property on a Dimention where ParentHn data can be added through maintaing dimention members.

So if you have do some calculations in an account dimention. Add Formula as property,give length. Select Account DIM and click on maintain dimention members.

DO the following

ID Description Formula

A1 A1

A1 A2

Total Total A1+A2

You can see the caluclated value in your reports / input schedules.

ParentHn(hierarchy setup) on account dimention

ID Description Formula Parenth1

A1 A1 Parent

A1 A2 Parent

Total Total A1+A2

Parent parent

Don't forget process the dimention after you made change to Dimention members.

Hope this helps you.

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Hi Greg,

I think you do not need add FORMULAHx properties by yourself. As with PARENTHx properties, you add new hierarchies directly in the worksheet.

The basic scenario goes like this:

1. Start with one hierarchy PARENTH1

2. Add formula property FORMULA

3. Add PARENTH2 and so forth

4. System generates FORMULAH1..H2 for you.

Hope this helps,