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FI-CA Transfer Document (FP40) Reversal

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An FI-CA document (Down Payment) eg: Doc A in a contract account eg: Account 1 got cleared with Transfer posting using FP40 eg Doc B. This transfer posting transferred the money from Account 1 to eg: Account 2 . In Account 2, this transferred doc has cleared multiple open docs.

Now I need to Reverse this doc A, for which it requires resetting of doc B which SAP is not allowing with error message (resetting of doc not allowed for transfer posting or write-off document) . It is allowing to reverse doc B , but it will make the docs open in Account 2 which got cleared with doc B.

Can you suggest how to reverse doc A without affecting anything in Account 2.

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Hi Nishit,

Why you want to reverse the Document, its not sounding as the good business case.

You have transferred your Amount from Account 1 to 2 as the amount is not relevant or related to the Account 1 as it supposed to be in Account 2.

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