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FAGLFLEXA-DRCRK and BSEG-SHKZG in negative posting.

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Hello all,

I am confused about the 'FAGLFLEXA-DRCRK' field, Please help me to check this problem, thanks.

I think for document 100000012, the FAGLFLEXA-DRCRK should be 'H-Credit' , because in BSEG-SHKZG is 'H' and there is no ‘X’ in BSEG-XNEGP field. but in system, it is ‘S-Debit’.

These two documents background is:

Document 100000011: I made the 2221002001 account in debit with the negative posting in F-02. Document type 'SA'

Document 100000012: it is made by FB08, to reverse the document 100000011. and the reverse reason is '03'. Document type'AB'

Related configuration is:

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