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F110 - line items blocked in payment proposal don't appear in later runs

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Hi all,

as I am still quite new on SAP (roll out in our company for roughly a year now) but nobody can help so far..

A collegue of mine created a payment proposal / payment run and defined several items as exceptions due to cashflow management. He did so by selecting the respectime line items by setting a payment block "A". Afterwards

the payment run was executed and the payment file transfered to our bank. So far, so good..

Now, a week later, we try to get the blocked items into a new paymnet proposal, but they are not even shown in the payment proposal. In FBL1N the item does not have a payment block, so it's blocked by the former payment run. However, as this run is already concluded with a payment I wonder where I can find the line item with the block and HOW TO UNBLOCK it

A guick survey in SE16N with table REGUS showed the item as blocked in the payment proposal, but I do not find a way to unblock it.

SE16N with table BSEG shows NO payment block either, this appears only in the original payment proposal in F110 when you drill down to the exceptional items in the proposal itself.There by double clicking on the vendor and then on the line item you see a payment block "A"

Anybody an idea how to remove that apart from doing a manual payment?

Community Manager
Community Manager
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