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​Export License in Sales order&Purchase Orde: Foreign Trade versus GTS

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Dear experts,

my customer is asking me the license for export shippings.

The requirement is:

-create the license by customer, part number, qty and value, validity period

-the licese must be checked in the sales orders: the RDD is the date compared with the license validity period

-if the license is not valid the sales order is blocked (also for Planning)

-the license is checked again during the delivery and again during the PGI

-the license should be checked also in the ICO Stock transfer order. Is it possible?

-The license should be checked again during invoicing. Is it possible?

The Foreign Trade will support the requirements or it is necessary to use the GTS?

The customer SAP is ECC. The GTS is already included and integrated in one environment? I know that in S4 a different machine is used for GTS and a connection exists betweem them.

Thanks a lot


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