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Export delcaration for subcontracting

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This is below scenario:

User will create a sales order and delivery for Subcontracting. But goods are physically located at the customer`s site and will be shipped directly from customer`s site to the subcontractor .
Therefor the location in the export declaration has the be the location of the customer. This is currently not possible since 1 legal unit is connected to 1 location. Location can not be changed in the export declaration.

Could you please let me know how we can go ahaed ?



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Answers (1)

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Hello Ravi,

I depends on the agreement with your customer.

If you (the company) is responsible for the Export, then you need to have your customer's site as storage location, then pass in the interface, in order to have the Export Documentation with the correct shipping address. However, how do you plan to get the export documentation to the customer?

Regards, Dean.