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ESG/ESRS Reporting - Multiple Taxonomies in SAP DM

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Hello Marc, dear SAP colleagues,

in the document "What's New? (Release Notes)" for the DM Stack 2100, it is stated on page 7 that the application server supports multiple taxonomies in relation to ESG/ESRS reporting. We would like to find out how this works or what we need to do in order to use multiple taxonomies simultaneously (our group is required to report according to ESG guidelines). And one more small question: is a release change planned for this year? Can you already estimate that? Thank you very much, best regards,


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Hello Peter,

we will update the help files with the next patch 2103.

Here is a preview from the XBRL settings where you can set multiple entry points.

XBRL Taxonomy 

In the context of XBRL taxonomies, an entry point refers to a specific location or starting point within the taxonomy structure from which the rendering or processing of XBRL data begins. It defines a subset of the entire taxonomy relevant for a particular purpose, such as financial reporting or regulatory compliance. 

Entry points in XBRL taxonomies serve as gateways or starting points that help users navigate and work with a specific subset of elements tailored to their reporting requirements. They contribute to the clarity and efficiency of using XBRL for various reporting purposes. 


To have concepts and dimensions available for mapping, you must reference imported entry points. When extended taxonomies are uploaded, all entry points must be reimported. If base taxonomies are uploaded, the entry points of the extended taxonomy must be imported. The Status field provides information about it. 

You can select the entry points after choosing the period, report, and chapter. 

For multiple entry points (also from different taxonomies), add a new one each time. It should be noted that namespaces must not collide. 

The patch 2103 is planned for Q2 2024