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Error in executing the job of Parent Company Overhead(PCO) - International for GL accounts set

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Hi All,

When we are running PCO job with set of cost centers maintained in Joint Operating Agreement (JOA) master data , the PCO job is running fine without any errors as expected.

But same when we try to maintain GL accounts sets in JOA master data for PCO calculation purpose and run the PCO program , it is giving an error like "An error occurred. Please create an incident on component CA-JVA-JVA."

For same error I had raised an incident to SAP on which it replied stating there must be two sets of GL accounts created in Manage Global Hierarchies app with same name , but I have created only set of GL account

And then when I try to maintain this particular set in JOA master data for PCO purpose , system gives me two options to select from sets ie one is Cost element set and other is Account group set

So the issue is I am maintaining only one account set ie ZPCOGL for Account Group set in Manage Global Hierarchies app but then why and how system is creating the other account set for "Cost Element Group" automatically with same name

Can anyone help on this issue

Thanks & Regards


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