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Energy is getting Prorated for other Price Change in Different Step

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SAP ISU Billing error:

Within one single rate both consumption and fuel charges are getting calculated. Scenario is detailed below for which quantity is getting prorated due to change in fuel price as expected but along with that same effect comes into consumption calculation which incurs into wrong amount lastly.

We have tried with separate rates for them within same schema but that too could not solve the problem. Also tried with Z variant(same as QUANTI01) for Consumption steps calculation only but in vain.

Consumption Charge

Quantity: ABC, Price: C1 (Block Price - 2 blocks)

Quantity is prorated into ABC1 and ABC2 which is not expected as happened in Fuel case

Amount is calculated in four steps through QUANTI01 ( prorated into 2 & 2 blocks for each part) which is entirely wrong, total consumption amount is getting diminished: CAMNT1, CAMNT2, CAMNT3 & CAMNT4. It should be into 2 steps only as per the block price, no proration required.

Fuel Charge

Quantity: ABC, Price: F1 is changed into F2 in between the billing period(monthly)

Quantity is prorated as expected into ABC1 and ABC2

Two amounts are calculated subsequently through QUANTI01 : FAMNT1 & FAMNT2

Is this a SAP standard way to prorate all? Please advise a way out as this is creating huge business impact.

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