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Dunning Group determination at item level during FPVA

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Hi Experts,

While using Dunning by collections strategy, based on the configurations the dunning groups are formed at Contract account level.

But for the scenario where we have 2 invoice for the same contract account, and based on the rules both the open item document have to hit different dunning levels

Example Invoice 1 for CA has to hit dunning level 1

Invoice 2 for same CA has to hit funning level 2

But as grouping is done at CA, both the invoices are grouped together under 1 account group. Hence the highest level of dunning is only determined. Hence as SAP std functionality dunning activity is performed at only the highest level. Where in our expectations is that we should be able to hit dunning level for each open item correctly and in turn determine dunning activities for each of those item.

In the above example only dunning activities for level 2 is getting triggered

How can we have separate dunning levels determined for each open item and in turn have separate dunning activities as well.

This is very urgent, so request for quick response please


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Answers (1)

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This can be done by using the event 0317 if you are using Dunning by collections strategy.

Event 0317 can be used to change the dunning groups