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DM for ESEF - How to create xhtml for Parent Company Financial Statement

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Dear SAP Expert,

I would like to share with you a doubt in ESEF scenario using SAP Disclosure Management. Some customers asked us to create the xhtml format of the parent company financial statement. ESEF regulation refers only to Group Financial Statement as compulsory, so that we need to produce the xhtml format without using taxonomies.

I did not find to create a xhtml without a link to a XBRL Taxonomy neither with a link to a base taxonomy (error message: The taxonomy is not an extended taxonomy. Taxonomy could not be determined.

So I found several workarounds to do this activities:

1) Uploading a clean extended taxonomy (I deleted all presentation, definition, label and calculation linkbases)

2) Using the same extended taxonomy of Group, without tagging values or text in the parent company financial statement

3) Using the CMP 2020 template file which you can download from SAP Note 2827882 - DM - How to get ESEF taxonomy files

In your opinion, which of them would be the best solution?


Andrea Migliore

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hi a.migliore

I tried this workaround some time ago, and it works as well

You take a base taxonomy, import entry point, e.g

Link this entry point in the instance

Create a Word document (no mapping). No Excel is needed

Link this Word to the instance and generate

--> you will get a xHTML file produced by the plugin (note: there is a warning there are no facts, but the file still gets produced)


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Thank you very much, Marc.

This workaround is perfect: you cannot produce the package report, but this is not necessary

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