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Differences between PAPM Join and PAPM Model Join

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Hi all,

I have questions on PAPM Join and PAPM Model Join, they both seems like the same in term of functionality and result.

The only differences we can found are:

1. PAPM Join has HANA procedure/Process Chain generated in runtime attribute but PAPM Model Join don't have HANA procedure/Process chain generated in runtime attribute.

2. PAPM Join work fine with partitioning but PAPM Model Join cannot use partitioning.

From my understanding, the PAPM Model Join is more like a HANA Composite Provider (Virtually Hold the data) and PAPM Join is more like execution of HANA Procedure (Materialized data). Under which condition PAPM model join a better choice? When should we use PAPM Join instead of PAPM Model Join?


Keng Haw

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Accepted Solutions (1)


Hi kenghaw1234

I completely agree with you that Model Join function almost the same way to our Join function. To help you with your query which should we use for these 2 functions, you may refer to this blog explaining complete details what are the similarities and differences of Model Join and Join functions.

Hope it helps.

Thank you and Best Regards,


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Thanks, this answer most of my questions

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