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Difference Between Cancellation and Suspension Event

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Hi SAP CC Expert,

I'm testing Recurring Charges and just wondering the difference between these 2 events in recurring: Cancellation and Suspension. Can you please help me understand and maybe some example?

Thanks in advance.

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Accepted Solutions (1)


Hi Stephen,

Basically, the difference between these two events is the status of the provider contract. The Suspended status means that the contract is temporarily 'suspended' and can be reactivated in the future. The Cancellation status means that the provider contract is canceled and there is no more active chronology in CC.

To give you an easy example could be if you have a phone number and normally you get the invoices. Suppose you want to suspend your service for a certain period of time. (you are going on holiday or moved temporarily to a new country) But you want to still keep your phone number. Then your contract is set to suspended status and can be reactivated when you return. With the cancelation status, it means that you do not need the number anymore and it is completely canceled.

Depending on the operation you can implement in CC a certain logic to generate a recurring or not.

Hope it helps,

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