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DB error while activating PaPM function

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Hi Experts,

I have received DB error when try to activate conversion function though there are no changes in data or function setup.

I was able to activate and run this function initially. I can activate partially by replacing with new Input function which is just copy of existing input function. However this activation issue repeats when activating the entire environment.

Has any one faced similar issue. Please advise.


Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Dear Padma

I wish to help you but unfortunately the information is not just enough yet to conclude a solution.

do you mind sharing with me your

1) Support Package Level

2) Your Input A, Input B

3) Your Conversion setup

just to get a better imagination of the situation.

how i will handle this if this happened to me?

i will look at the sql procedure of that Conversion and look for Line and Column where the issue happened to understand which field, setup, function, section caused it.

are you familiar on how to do HANA sql procedure reading?

thank you so much



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Answers (2)

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I have noticed that few function shows DB errors though the setup is correct. This results in creation of same functions with different id's. Has any one faced the same issue? Please advise if you find any solution for rectifying the DB error so that we can avoid function setup duplication.

Unfortunately the error functions doesn't show the sql code hence it is difficult to analyse the DB error.


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Thanks Justine for the prompt reply.

we are using 3.0 SP 13. Conversion function performs plain currency conversion from Source currency to Target currency based on the conversion setup in Environment section. I have used View function as Input function.

I am awaiting for DB access to analyze the HANA Stored procedure. Will share the solution if I found any.