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Creation not allowed; transaction already transferred to SAP GTS

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What I thought I knew was that a delivery cannot be exported more than once. We have a situation where 3 S/O have the same sold-to and ship-to and one lime item in each S/O.

However, one S/O order has a different bill-to.

So, a delivery was created with the 3 S/O items, shipment created and processed. However, two pro-forma invoices were created successfully replicated to GTS.

One pro-forma has two line items when the bill-to was the same and one pro-forma invoice has one lime item with the different bill-to.

So, normally, I would have thought GTS would reject because a delivery cannot exported more than once.

I have tried to review the code in program /SAPSLL/LAPI_6800_CSDF07, but nothing in were that error message is raised check line item.

Did I miss something? We are on GTS 11, SP18.

Regards, Dean.

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Hi Dean,

The logic is that an outbound delivery item cannot be “exported” twice. Irrelevant if the items of the outbound delivery are all in a single invoice or split across multiple invoices.

In the include you mentioned, towards the end of form inbound_proc_precheck, look for a logic using table LEGREF (/SAPSLL/LEGREF). The items of the outbound delivery are stored there and hence this is the table used to identify if an outbound delivery item was already been “exported” or not.