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CPQ: Inheriting Quantity from Parent Product for Nested Products

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I'm having trouble with inheriting quantity. I have a configurable product setup as a System (List) of Configurable Products. I use this to 'bundle' together related products. Within this product there is a container attribute referencing another configurable product, Product A, as well as several other products. This Product A is setup as a Parent/Child System (List) of Configurable Products. All the line item attribute values within Product A reference simple products.

When I select the Bundle Product, configure Product A, and then add it to the quote, I get:

1. Product A

1.1 Product A child item 1

1.2 Product A child item 2

1.3 etc.

I then want to be able to change the quantity of Product A (either in the cart or in the configurator with the itemquantity attribute) and have the child items inherit the quantity of Product A. When I add Product A through the Bundle Product, the child items don't inherit the quantity of Product A. If I add Product A separately from the Bundle Product, then the child items will inherit the quantity of Product A. I've set the attribute values to "Inherit Quantity from Parent". I've also tried setting the Propagate Quantity to Nested Products to TRUE, but this also didn't help. Is there something else I can do to get the inherit quantity from parent to work in this scenario?

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